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Extractions services offered in Orlando, FL

Though it may be hard to think about getting your teeth pulled, sometimes extractions are the best available treatment option. When you need tooth extractions, the team of experienced dentists at OBT Dental & Orthodontics in Orlando, Florida, is here to help. They provide gentle, quality care to ensure your visit is pain-free and smooth as possible. Booking a visit is as easy as a quick phone call, or you can schedule online any time of day or night. 

Extractions Q & A

What are tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions are dental procedures that remove one or more of your natural teeth. While the team at OBT Dental & Orthodontics prefers to restore teeth, extractions are sometimes necessary. 

There is no need to feel anxious at the thought of an extraction. Modern dental extractions are painless and take very little time. 

Your dentist uses advanced digital imaging and other tools to determine when extractions are the best course of action and discuss all available treatment options in detail, providing everything you need to make an informed decision about your care. 

When are tooth extractions necessary?

There are many reasons why you might need to have one or more teeth pulled. Your dentist always explains the full scope of treatment options to help you determine the right choice for your unique set of needs. 

Some of the reasons people come in for tooth extractions include:

  • To reduce crowding and make room for orthodontic treatment
  • To remove a badly decayed tooth
  • To remove a fractured tooth
  • To treat advanced gum disease
  • To prepare for a dental implant 

If your wisdom teeth are partially or fully trapped beneath your gum tissue, you might need a special type of extraction to remove them. These procedures are usually done with some level of sedation to help you relax deeply throughout the process. 

What happens during my tooth extraction?

Your dentist begins with an injection of local anesthetic to ensure you won’t feel a thing during your visit. They then use special dental tools to grasp the targeted tooth and rock it in a back-and-forth motion, loosening the connection between tooth and bone. 

In some cases, it might be necessary to break the tooth into smaller parts to make it easier to remove. Again, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure, and the entire process is relatively swift. 

After your extraction, your dentist uses gauze to protect the empty socket. It’s important to avoid smoking, drinking through straws, or anything else that creates suction near the socket. Your body forms a small blood clot within the socket to enhance the healing process, and suction can dislodge that clot. 

When you’re ready to schedule an extraction, booking a visit is quick and easy whether you choose to connect with OBT Dental & Orthodontics online or by phone.